User Research

Research and Analysis

From polls to questionnaires, surveys and quizzes, to in-person interviews, research is the bedrock of everything else we do. User Research helps us to make informed decisions as we move forward into design. We know how to interview and ask questions that get surprising answers, not validation. We want to find the competitive advantage, the pain point, the shocking discovery that has gone undetected and address it. Overall, we want to find out what will make your customers delighted.

User Testing

We’ve done a lot of user testing. The one surprising thing we always tell clients – we never want to “pass” user testing.

We want to make design assumptions and move forward quickly, then use testing to find any mistakes as early in the process as possible. In design, early changes mean inexpensive changes. We like to find those.

Our user testing is sometimes in-person, sometimes remote, and can be qualitative and/or quantitative. Our reports point out issues very clearly, leaving subjective design decisions behind. We test for clients at any stage of their project, including post launch, and offer immediate recommendations for improvement.

Usability & Heuristic Evaluations

A quick heuristic evaluation can point out some very clear issues with user flow and task completion. We look at standards of usability such as findability, language, help, accessibility, and other factors that could limit users from completing their tasks. This simple report gives direct recommendations on improvement and actions you can take immediately to improve your experience.

Industry Audience Research

What do Millennials want from their bank? What are the most innovative ideas coming out of the auto-driving economy? Who are your most agile competitors who can change your strategy in a year? What does AI mean for your products and customers?

There are a lot of questions when it comes to evaluating industries. Staying ahead of trends and understanding what technology can really mean to your services and offerings is vital to keep ahead in business. Industry research is a never-ending effort. We track down the most compelling of information based on deep industry research but also give you the tools to carry on with research by identifying new areas of research and where to go for information.