• Changing the Experience for Patients & Providers

Health Specific Solutions

Patient acquisition, efficient engagement, better use of data, better ROI for your efforts, population health, connected care - we know you have a lot to juggle. We've got the tools to effectively define a proven path forward.

Patient Journeys

No patients are the same. We’ve spent years working with health organizations, patient coordinators, patients, and caregivers to understand needs, questions, fears, and alternatives along a care journey.  Patient Journeys are likely the most complex journeys we’ve ever developed or seen, but also the most vital.

Connecting patients to not only the care they need through clinical services, but the communication, education, and services they need in between clinical encounter visits is both beneficial and rewarding.

Content Strategy

Patients and Caregivers are hungry for information. Whether post diagnosis, preparing for a planned procedure, or a desire for preventative health from the expertise of your health organization – you have a waiting audience.

Content, too often ignored in the health conversation, needs to reach the right audience at the right time, through the right channel, and in the most meaningful ways.

Content is one of the fastest growing methods of healthcare outside of the clinical encounter and we can design a strategy for you in keeping with your level of care expertise.

Digital Strategy

From your lead funnel, to the ease with which patients make appointments, find follow-up care and interact with your health organization – a digital strategy is paramount to optimal, modern healthcare.

We’ve helped health organizations examine their interaction with prospective patients, current patients, caregivers, and employers who purchase hospital based care packages. We identify the hotspots that lead to the most meaningful changes for patient satisfaction, for reputation, referrals and revenue.

Patient Relationship Management

Your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a powerful tool in healthcare. We’ve helped organizations implement CRMs from the very beginning. The result is an ongoing understanding of needs and targeted, meaningful conversation and communications.

CRMs have progressed from a marketing tool to connect patients to your services in intelligent ways. From appointment reminders to event follow-up, specific educational content and recommendations for support groups and community options, patient relationship management can drive the effectiveness of your care services.